Curcumin, the Indian solid gold

If you are new to the fantastic world of curcumin, and even if you are an old hand at it!, go have a look at a website set up by the Cytokine Research Laboratory at the Department of Experimental Therapeutics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas: You will find tons of information there…all sorts of interesting items, ranging from curcumin clinical trials to bioavailability issues. Graphs, pretty photos, how to say “turmeric” many different languages…it’s all there!

Ah, this is important: the website provides the curcumin protocol that Prof. Aggarwal kindly gave to me in January 2006 and that I followed to the letter. Yes, it’s the protocol for “beginners.” Just go to the FAQs page and click on “How should I take curcumin?” Of course, you can find the exact same “beginners'” protocol here on my blog (just scroll down my list of Pages on the right until you reach “Margaret’s curcumin protocol”). By the way, if you intend to begin taking curcumin and/or are currently on chemotherapy, please make sure that you read my Warnings/side effects page, in addition to informing your doctor (goes without saying). Best to be cautious!

Let’s see. Back to the website…it also provides a list of curcumin suppliers in various countries (again, see the FAQs page). Europe is not well-represented, unfortunately, and Italy isn’t even listed. I should really submit my Italian sources to Prof. Aggarwal so this particular page can be updated.

I was made aware of this website’s existence only recently, after an exchange with Prof. Aggarwal. At the time I intended to post the link but, ahem!, forgot about it until now, when a blog reader, thank you!, reminded me. A great source of information…that I still have to finish perusing…but it’s time for dinner here, so I have to dash off. Ciao!


  1. Margaret.
    I think that the link provides, so far, the best confirmation of usefulness of curcumin particularly in combinations with other drugs.
    I believe that your dedicated work gives the opportunity to many people to possibly incorporate “dietary supplements” to their protocols contributing to prolonging countless lives. We should all be thankful too You…
    Sharing potentially practical information and personal success or failure of just readers will benefit and accelerate collective awareness…

    Peter 06

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