National Curry Week!

November 22-28 is “National Curry Week” in the UK. Ah, how I wish I could be there! A Google Alert this morning took me to an interesting Liverpool Echo article (, which includes information on turmeric, chilli, garlic and ginger (and a curry recipe, too, on page 2). No need for me to comment on turmeric, right? And we are well aware that the capsaicin in chilli kills myeloma cells…and so does a ginger extract (see my Pages on the right).

But garlic? I haven’t written much about garlic (shame on me!). Apart from its well-known general health benefits (, I found several studies in PubMed on its keema-curry[1]anti-leukemia activity…hmmm, nothing specific about garlic and myeloma, but that simply means, methinks, that garlic extracts have not yet been tested against myeloma cells. If I were a researcher, I would request a grant to study this very topic, since I am almost 99.99999% positive that garlic would annihilate myeloma cells, too. Wanna bet?

Just out of curiosity, have a look at these two garlic-leukemia studies (I picked a couple at random, but there are many more on PubMed): (2004) and (2009) Incidentally, in the former, a garlic-derived compound called ajoene enhanced the killing effect of two chemo drugs used in the treatment of hematological malignancies: cytarabine and fludarabine. Now, that bit of news could easily set me off on my usual rant about how the only way we will be able to defeat cancer is via a combination of conventional and natural treatments…but I will refrain…today, at least! 

Now, back to National Curry Week for a moment. Ever since I found out about the healing properties of turmeric and other curry spices, I have been making delicious curry dishes, mainly in the winter. Curries are easy to make and relatively fast, once you are experienced enough to stop measuring exact quantities…now I simply glance at the recipe and throw in the spices, e.g. Another advantage of curries is that you can make them a day ahead…so they are perfect for dinner parties! In sum, I hope my UK readers will enjoy Curry Week! Yummy!

P.S. Here is what seems to be an interesting garlic-cancer (full) 2008 study: (I haven’t read it yet, but I will!).


  1. And why we have cancer if all these natural things are able to stop or to kill cancer cells???
    Are all these effects only performed and verified in vitro with high doses?
    There are 10000 studies with succesful results against myeloma cells but in humans with Myeloma is only little progress on the way to a cure.

  2. Oh Ginger! I have been drinking homemade ginger tea for the past three weeks- trying to get rid of (at least keep it at bay) sinus infection from flu (flu only lasted 3 days but sinus issues- still 2 weeks later ongoing- can’t get into doc for another week yet- for abx- (everyone seems to be sick with stuff says doc’s office). The tea does not cure but HELPS a lot. I am glad to be reminded about anti-cancer effects. So thank you for writing about it Margaret.

    This past week I started adding ground cayenne pepper (capsaicin) to my tea once in the cup. I cut up fresh ginger and simmer until it is really strong. This is to make me blow my nose (not to be gross -sorry). I guess if I really wanted to go the limit I would add some fresh sliced jalepeno peppers But too washed out right now from sinus infection to slice up one more thing i.e. jalepeno peppers for instance- so I am using powdered cayenne pepper and will believe that is just as good. (I have been told that a well-known talk show host is using lots of hot peppers to fight prostate cancer).

    Maybe I mentioned this once before but about my soup- but I also take ginger, sliver it and throw in tomato soup (cooked tomato = lycopene) with onions, leeks, cilantro (all have anti-cancer effects) plus I add black pepper to hopefully improve bioavailability of what is supposed to be good for you- . And into my bowl- I add olive oil (squalene in olive oil = anti-cancer) . And btw- just learned that cilanto is supposed to be a powerful way to get mercury out of your system by binding with it- for those of us who have not replaced all of our old fillings yet with that white, non-mercury filler since mercury has been linked to cancers. BTW- I add also baby brussel sprouts to soup ( cruciferous= anti cancer ) and if I feel like other veggies-to add “color”. Meanwhile- with everything I add to the soup- that ginger flavor really comes through. I like to believe that it really means that it is powerful in good ways.

  3. Thank you for that link to garlic.I have been interested in
    garlic ever since reading that Hippocrates prescribed garlic
    for his cancer patients, and I grow my own.
    Here in wet Wales I have an organic garlic bed and I harvested
    over 50 bulbs this summer ( if you can call it that).
    Really beautiful bulbs. plump succulent and fragrant cloves .
    much better than the local shops.
    I fry them with mushrooms or have a raw garlic sanwich
    (with miso) for supper.

    Knowing that it does you good is half the battle.

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