Sea cucumbers and smoldering myeloma

Just by chance, I don’t even remember how!, I came across an interesting bit of information. In St. Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City, there appears to be a Phase II trial testing a sea cucumber extract on “untreated asymptomatic myeloma patients.” Here is the link: [Update, Dec 2010: okay, this link only leads back to the St. Vincent website, so try this link instead:]

I found a lot of information on sea cucumbers online, but it is not reliable since it comes from websites that sell this stuff. But I also found a write-up on the Sloan-Kettering website: Here we can read that In vitro studies have shown that the saponins and fatty acids present in Sea cucumber are responsible for its anti-angiogenic, anti-tumor, antiproliferative, and antiviral properties. Hmmm…

This may lead to nothing in the end…but what a peculiar thing, no?

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  1. Hello,
    I go to St. Vincent’s…thats the TBL 12 stuff …I asked if I can do the trail and Doc said to wait to review me some more..I have SMM,
    They said the trail will end I think in April 2010, if it shows good results i may go on the stuff.

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