Laughter and allergies

“Lucy…I’m hooome!” Yes, my computer is fixed…it works perfectly…in fact, even better than before! Yaaay! Oh, okay, actually, to be honest, my genius of a husband fixed it a couple of days ago, but I took some time off and had some fun with the family over the weekend. More on that tomorrow…(grin)…

Anyway, I just finished reading a fascinating article concerning the effect of laughter on various ailments, mainly allergies, written by Jacob Schor, a naturopathic doctor with a practice in Denver (I subscribe to his excellent newsletter). Click on this link to read it:

I would like to add that, as we know, 1. myeloma cells proliferate like mad in the presence of stress hormones, (see my “myeloma and stress” page:, and 2. laughter is a well-known stress-reliever…it doesn’t take much to put…one and two together. I am so convinced of the healthful benefits of laughter that I have devoted an entire section of my blog to funny videos and jokes and other silly whatnots (just scroll down my Page list on the right until you reach the heading “Laughter and MM”). 

I laugh a lot…but after reading this bit of news, I want to laugh even more! (…remember Norman Cousins and the Marx Brothers?)

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  1. About six years ago I lived in Arizona and had a good friend diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. When she realized what she was up against, and I asked what I could do, she replied, “keep me laughing.” I made it my loving duty to provide something humorous for her on a daily basis until she was unable to read her e-mails any longer. Her partner later told me he was certain she extended the limits of her diagnosis because of the laughter that I, and others, provided for her. It’s not scientific, but I believe it works.

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