Fare thee well…

Just a lightning post to express my deep sorrow at the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy…very sad news indeed. I had the honor of meeting him in Washington, D.C., more than a couple of decades ago. A great man. This is a huge loss…not just for his family but for the entire nation…


  1. Ted Kennedy is Dead and so is Mary Jo Kopechne

    Exactly 40 years ago Senator Kennedy was guilty of murder in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne 28, but because of his money and political ties, he got away with it.
    For those of you who are too young to remember, in the Summer of 1969, Kennedy, a married man, attended a bachelor party of men and women on the island of Chappaquiddick in Martha’s Vineyard. After drinking all day and into the night, Ted & Mary Jo left the party. Driving drunk, Kennedy crashed the car into the water. Like a good politician he saved himself but not Mary Jo who drowned inside the car.

    Not bothering to go for help, heroic Ted said he “panicked”, swam across the bay and went to his apartment and called his lawyer. Ten hours later, they reported the crime to police. That was just enough time for the alcohol to leave his system, thereby leaving no evidence to prosecute tipsy Ted for felony murder. Felony murder occurs when a person breaks a law (drunk driving) and causes the death of another.

    By way of political power and money, the Kennedy family quashed the criminal investigation, and Mary Jo’s death was ruled an accident. Then later Kennedy paid the Kopechne family a large sum of money not to file a civil lawsuit for negligent homicide. If that had been me or you, we would still be in prison.

    I’m never happy to hear of anyone dying, even a destructive wasteful spender as Ted Kennedy. Let’s just say I’m relieved that the Mass. Voters can no longer elect this murderous Senator who for a half Century has worked to destroy my retirement savings and as the premier democratic liberal has helped bring this nation to a downfall both fiscally and morally. Ted exemplified the kind of political leader that no nation should ever have.

  2. I’m sorry Rudi but, while you might be right about Mary Jo, it’s hardly true to say that the destruction of your retirement savings and your nation’s fiscal and moral downfall has been due to the democratic liberals. It’s the last 8 years of republican administration that have been disasterous for your country. Everyone knows that surely.

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