Going home

Well, we are leaving the Cape tomorrow and will be back in Florence on Friday. This has really been a lovely holiday, but I am ready to go home now and hug my cats. And see how (more likely, IF) they react to a video I bought for them titled something like “Catnip,” which is filled with bird chirping sounds and whatnot…

Let’s see. We went to Newport on Sunday… Of course, we visited the Breakers, the Vanderbilt family’s sumIMG_2193mer residence, built in 1895…Afterward, we did part of the so-called Cliff Walk, a public access walk that gives great views of Newport, the mansions and the coastline. Now, normal people would publish photos of the views and the mansions…but I was too amused by a sign that I saw stuck to one of the mansion fences along the Walk…so I decided to publish that instead..

We are off on one last fun excursion later this morning, then will head home to finish packing…I will try to post a little something on Friday if I am not too jet lagged… Until then, ciaooo!

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  1. Reminds me of my friend’s dog – who got a nasty shock when he peed on an electric fence. Jumped a mile apparently.

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