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Stefano and I arrived safe and sound last night at my parents’ home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (U.S.A.)…our Florence-Paris-Boston trip was uneventful…hmmm, well, okay, except for a bit of turbulence toward the end…oh, and having to sprint like cheetahs through the Charles de Gaulle airport, pant pant sweat sweat…now why the heck were we not allotted more time to catch our connecting flight to Boston? We ended up having only a half hour or less to change terminals and go through security checks again, hello???…Afterwards I thought that if we’d caught the wrong bus to the wrong terminal (an entirely possible scenario), we would have missed our flight for sure (not that being stuck in Paris for a night would have bothered me that much, eh!)… 

This morning, after five hours’ sleep, we went out for breakfast (if you visit Cape Cod, you have to have breakfast at the “Red Cottage” in South Dennis, yum yum!)…then we stopped by the supermarket to buy some food (y’know, I could spend an entire week wandering around a U.S. supermarket…an entirely fascinating experience!)…and late this afternoon we went for a walk on the beach. It’s so lovely here. I feel fabulous…so relaxed…hmmm, could be the jet lag…zzz…in fact, I think I need a nap right about now 😉 

I’d like to leave you with a link that my cousin sent to me…an adorable UK cat story that made the Italian news, too: Enjoy!


  1. Enjoy your holidays! I smiled when I read that you love supermarkets in America. My dream is to walk in the San Lorenzo market of Firenze, or the narrow streets of Sorrento. We yearn for what we have not.Have a good holiday. (P.S. You will be well served because cool weather seems to be here to stay.

  2. Our favorite is the marche in Menton, no wait, ALL the marches in France from the small towns like Bedoin on up. The piles of perfect fruits and veggies, the olive mixes, the fromage stacked like a work of art, the baguettes and breads… visual delight!

    And yes, I know that part of the Cape – spent two memorable summers (1970 or so) as part of a family in Chatham, returned there for Lucy’s 75th birthday a couple of years ago. Things have changed, but it is still lovely. Like the song says, if you spend an evening then you’ll want to stay… watching the sunset on Cape Cod Bay… you’re sure to fall in love with oooolllldd caaaaape cooood…

  3. Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your love one, forget about all the nasty things Margaret, drink in the wonderful views like your beautiful photo, enjoy the change of scene and keep safe and well.

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