One of my fellow myeloma bloggers did a really sweet thing for me and two other bloggers (see: http://lacootina.blogspot.com/2009/07/in-good-company.html): he honored us at a “Relay for Life” event. These, he explained to me, are community basedJohn relay for life for me events to raise money for the American Cancer Society. It is a 24 hour event, so families bring tents and kids and organize teams. There’s music, games, etc.  There must be a team member walking all the time, you sign up for hour or so shifts including through the wee hours of the morning. The bags are honoring survivors or in memory of those who died of cancer. There is a candle inside that is lit after dark and burns all night long. The track where everyone is walking is illuminated by thousands of these decorated bags. Inside there is a can of food, which is later donated to a local relief agency.

Well, I was overwhelmed…a bit embarrassed, too, I admit!…but certainly…honored! Thank you, my friend! 😀


  1. Hi Margaret: I did a few hours of volunteering at the Relay for Life – the 24 hours fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society – it was the most emotionally satisfying 5 hours I spent in June – I met great people who were volunteering and were survivors themselves – and then I was at the welcoming survivors tent – greeting the survivors who had come to walk the first “tour de piste” , giving them the bag with the candle, and other stuff — It was incredible – getting teary just writing about it – on top of the surviors – rangiing in age from 6 to 80+ there were family members walking in place of those who couldn’t – I signed up for next year the same evening –

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