Nail fungus treatment kills multiple myeloma cells

No kidding.

A longtime myeloma list friend/blog reader, thanks!, sent me the link to a new “Blood” study ( on an antifungal substance called ciclopirox olamine, or CPX, which has been found to decrease cell growth and viability of malignant leukemia, myeloma, and solid tumor cell lines as well as primary AML patient samples at low micromolar concentrations that appear pharmacologically achievable. Furthermore, oral CPX decreased tumor weight and volume in 3 mouse models of leukemia by up to 65% compared to control without evidence of weight loss or gross organ toxicity. (hmmm, I am not entirely sure that I like the sound of “gross organ toxicity”…)

But get this: oral CPX has the ability to target leukemia stem cells. It targets STEM cells. Yes, the bloody evil STEM CELLS! I had to read that part at least twice before it sank in. Well…well…and…WELL!

I don’t know much about this substance, except what I read in the abstract (for instance that it is also an iron chelator)…but a quick bit of online poking led me to a couple of interesting studies, such as Unfortunately, I had to stop doing more research on this topic and, in fact, don’t have the time right now (=I have a complicated legal translation to do, sigh and double-sigh!) to connect the dots that I feel are lying just beyond my reach…(of course, I could be entirely wrong about the existence of any dots…aaah, if only I had more time…)

Well, as soon as possible, I will ask Sherlock if she would kindly get me the full study…in the meantime, based on what the study abstract tells us, CPX sounds like a very promising substance, to say the least…! I mean, holy cats, let’s say that you have toenail fungus AND myeloma…well, with CPX you might be able to treat both conditions…what an amazing thought…!

And now, before diving back into the peculiar and rather maddening world of Italian-English legalese, I would like to wish my Mom a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Auguri, mamma, ti voglio tanto beneee! Un bacione!


  1. How interesting! Have you ever heard of Dr. Tullio Simoncini, from Italy, who believes cancer is caused by a fungus? Now, you’ve found that an antifungal substance kills MM. Very interesting indeed! I’d be tempted to put some on my toenails whether I had a toenail fungus or not! : )

  2. And to think I have been delaying treatment of my toe nail fungus because I don’t want to put any extra strain on my liver and kidneys during myeloma chemotherapy! Ironic, don’t you think? Pat

  3. Interesting….’I mean, holy cats, let’s say that you have toenail fungus AND myeloma…well, with CPX you might be able to treat both conditions…what an amazing thought…!’…. Yes, i have both…..



  4. Many people think Simoncini is mad but that’s what they used to say about the Kiwi doctor who claimed that ulcers were cause by H Pilori and could be cured by antibiotics. Conventional medicine had been removing ulcers surgically for years – a very dangerous practice.
    I have often wondered if there might be something in what Simoncini says. He believes that cancers can be caused by Candida and claims to have treated seriously ill patients with bicarbonate of soda. Of course he has been discredited by his profession.
    It is interesing how many of us have fungal infections like athlete’s foot. This could simply be due to poor immunity but sometimes it’s worthwhile turning a problem on it’s head.

  5. If this works by reducing the iron in the body, there are safer ways to do this. Iron chelation is one of the actions of IP6; although it is supposed to work by increasing the body’s immune system. IP6 has no known side effects that I am aware of. William Spiller

  6. Well, well, well.
    A highly respected British surgeon said on BBC news today that tests had conclusively proven that a daily dose (3 teapoons) of baking soda will prevent the advancement of kidney disease and the build up of acidity in the blood.
    And don’t we know that cellular acidity promotes both fungal infections and cancer?
    Hang in there Dr Simoncini, your time may be yet to come.

  7. … just to remark the last sentence of the “Blood” article:
    Therefore, CPX could be rapidly repurposed for the treatment of malignancies including leukemia and myeloma.
    It is not the usual sentence “further study is needed…”-like.
    The point is just “how rapidly ?” for the scientific world. More or less rapidly of our malignacies growth ?

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