Magic tricks, a lion cub and Nigella sativa…

I must say, I am not a huge fan of magic tricks, but my cousin (thanks!) sent me the link to one that really fooled me…until I saw how it was done, that is. Thought I would share it:

And my niece (thanks, sweetie) sent me the link to an amazing awwww story. Before you click on this link, though, a word of advice–keep some Kleenex handy: I know, I know, it looks really fake, but it’s not (check Snopes if you don’t believe me:

Finally, those interested in Nigella sativa (see my Page on “Black Cumin”) should check out this June 2009 study on thymoquinone and pancreatic cancer cells: Wow.

Okay, that’s it. Stefano and I are spending the weekend in the mountains…near Florence…and will be back on Sunday evening. So have a super weekend…and…see you on Monday or thereabouts…! 😆

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