German curcumin?

Hi everyone! I just received a note from a blog reader asking me if I knew of a reliable source for curcumin in Germany. I was of very little help…so I was wondering if those of you who live in Germany AND take curcumin wouldn’t mind telling me where you get your curcumin. If you don’t wish to post a public comment, please please please drop me a private note.

Thank you sooo very much!


  1. Margaret, I became very interested in your blog since Barry announed it in a cllforum. Your blog is very inspiring! Like Barry I also have CLL. In Madrid, where I live, it is very easy to find turmeric in any health food store. I follow Dr. David Servan-Schreiber’s advice on how to take turmeric:”to be assimilated by the body, turmeric must be mixed with black pepper. Ideally it must also be dissolved in olive oil. In shop-bought curry mixes turmeric only represents 20% of the total. So it’s better to obtain turmeric powder directly”, from his excellent book “Anti Cancer, a new way of life”.
    I also opened a blog. Being a painter I talk about painting, living with CLL, esthetics, growing old, travels. And illustrate it with my paintings. Here’s the link: Cheers, Celeste

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