2008 contractor awards

First, just a quick note to say that my parents arrived safe and sound from the U.S. on Tuesday afternoon. As you can imagine, we have been catching up (I haven’t seen my parents since October 2008), so I haven’t done any research…well, until this morning, when I actually read a study and drafted a post, which, however, is not quite ready yet. Tomorrow, tomorrow…


In the past few days, however, I have found a bit of time to read and respond to private e-mails and contacts from my blog. I also received some welcome news: a few new curcumin-takers were kind enough to let me know that their previously (before curcumin, i.e.) increasing myeloma markers have finally stabilized. YAY!


As for the many readers who send me “thank-you-for-your-blog” messages, I want you to know that, while I cannot reply to any of them (or I’d be doing nothing else jy091), I deeply appreciate your extremely kind comments, I really really really do, thank you so very much! I instead do reply, or try to reply!, to anyone asking specific questions…which reminds me: if you have asked me a question and have not received an answer, that means that either I missed your message in the first place or the “Mailer Daemon” prevented me from communicating with you (Barry is one such case). So please write to me again. Thanks. 


And now for a bit of fun, which is always good for the immune system. A blog reader (merci !) sent me a very funny message today: the 2008 contractor awards…I laughed out loud at some of the images, which I later found (most of ’em, plus a few more) on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6rHSD2HKYs Which one do you think should have won? Hehe.

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