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My cousin (thanks a bunch!) sent me the links to a some extraordinary “sand art” videos. I was so mesmerized that, even though I am in the middle of a serious bit of research right now, I paused to watch four of these magical performances, including “Ocean.” Wow. 

Start with these two: and

Oh, by the way, I finally went to Careggi Hospital at the break of dawn this morning to hand in my 24-hour urine samples and have my blood tests done. Yay! Even though by the time I arrived there were already 50 people in front of me (!), the whole shebang took less than two hours…not bad at all. I should have my results in early June (I am having them mailed to my house, so it is impossible to know when exactly they will arrive). Good or bad, I will post the most significant ones, as is my wont. Today I am going to stop taking feverfew (I am down to my last five feverfew pills, anyway!). Until I decide what my next experiment will be, I will continue to take curcumin capsules (8 grams/day), quercetin (1 gram/day) and fish oil (4 grams a day).


  1. 2+ weeks is a long time to wait for test results. Mayo needs about three hours, so we know that it’s not the testing that takes two weeks – the delay is administrative. Maybe there’s a way to fix it.

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