Crocheting at 98

Yesterday more bodies were recovered from the rubble caused by the massive earthquake that struck l’Aquila and the surrounding towns. Today, too. But a few people were brought out alive and in good shape, including a fragile-looking 98-year-old woman who was pulled from the ruins of her house after spending 30 hours trapped in her bed.


A reporter asked her what she had done while waiting to be rescued. She answered, very matter-of-factly, “ho fatto l’uncinetto” (I crocheted), as though working with a crochet hook were the most obvious thing to do in the middle of an earthquake.


She was given food and water, but, much to everyone’s amusement, what she really wanted was a comb so she could fix her hair…. For the first time since this horrible tragedy hit the Abruzzo region, I heard a few ripples of laughter. I admit, I was amused, too. For a few seconds, anyway.


Even though right now here in Italy it’s not easy to think of anything else but the earthquake (shocks in the Abruzzo region are ongoing, by the way), I will do my best to go on to other matters. Let’s see…


This morning I went into town to renew my passport. As I was walking to my appointment at the U.S. consulate, I took a few photos, such as my new blog banner img_9934(the Ponte Vecchio is visible, sort of, in the background). Most of my photos didn’t come out too clearly (hazy morning), but I did get a  decent shot of two policemen on horseback. Right near the consulate. An unusual sight, in the middle of city traffic…


Last but not least, many thanks to François for pointing out a helpful website to me (see my Useful Links on the right): Biology questions and answers. Merci!


  1. The banner is beautiful! Hooray for the crocheting 98-year old who knows the value of keeping busy. I didn’t know the aftershocks were still going on.

    Love the medical comments; true or not, they’re hilarious.

  2. hi Margaret – I also saw that 98 year old who asked for a comb before she was on tv after knitting while buried.-
    p.s. My youngest daughter Kristina had what looks like a heart attack on Easter early morning – she is at the heart institute of Ottawa – they are doing tests to try to determine what the…. happened –
    this week has been like a nightmare – fortunately she is stable and in good hands

    I did have a good laugh about the funny quotes on your blog…
    take care

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