Since I have been receiving messages from concerned friends and blog readers, I thought I would post a quick note to say that Florence was not affected by the strong earthquake ( and that struck the city of L’Aquila, the capital of the Abruzzo region, very early this morning. L’Aquila is a 3.5 drive south of Florence, more or less.

It’s very difficult to find words in moments like these. My heart is very heavy, that’s for sure. Horrible horrible tragedy. I was struck by what a dazed survivor told a reporter: “I have lost everything. But I am alive. My family is alive. Life goes on…”


  1. Of course we thought of you right away!!
    We found the earthquake and also your city…. on a US government web site..
    But we are also glad to hear from you directly.
    Prayers for the people there.

  2. Margaret,
    Although you do not know me – I read your blog all of the time- when I saw the news about the earthquake I said to my husband -“ITALY!!! That is where Margaret is!! Margaret of Margaret’s Corner”! He knew immediately who you were even though I am the one who reads your blog. I am relieved to see your note posted.
    Also I am quite struck by your reaction to the words by the dazed survivor- I believe I would have felt exactly the same way had I heard his words myself. Prayers to all.

  3. Margaret,
    I’m very relieved that you and you family are ok. The devastation and loss of life seen on TV here are overwhelming. My heart and prayers go out to the ongoing suffering.
    Linda B.

  4. Margaret, I’m so relieved that you and your family were not directly affected. I only hope that all the other survivors have as much perspective as the one who was quoted. Nothing like a disaster to snap one’s priorities into order!

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