Busy busy busy!

img_9907I have been very busy this week…extra work (translations, mainly) and whatnot. No time to do any serious research/reading. Or answer any messages (sorry about that!).

But I did find a snippet of time to take a photo of Peekaboo on my messy desk…she is looking at my bookcase, probably trying to figure out how to climb up it and retrieve “mousie.” Hehe.


  1. Sorry if I already hit you up about this. Trying to get the word out to as many people as possible.

    My name is Andy and my uncle was recently diagnosed with Stage III Multiple Myeloma. I wanted to do something to help him and others like him, so I created myelomaforums.com which is a forum 100% dedicated to Multiple Myeloma. Please take a moment to sign up, let people know about it, and if you like the place please place a link on your blog to us.



  2. I’ve been reading the bios of doctors at the nearby university cancer center to try to find a candidate to name as my husband’s primary oncologist for his upcoming surgery (rods to support the damaged L-5 vertebra where plasmacytoma was irradiated). I could use one of the two oncologists we already have, but both drag their feet about exploring the use of curcumin while my husband is still smoldering. His numbers are all moving in the wrong direction. I feel the doctors are just watching them and waiting until they can do chemo and a stem cell replacement surgery. Like vultures. That is unfair, they are kind people. But when I read the bios everybody and their mother claims their specialty is stem cell replacement. On Dr. said, “oh yes, feed him all the Indian food you want.” I thought that was sarcastic. I e-mailed Dr. Aggarwal to see if he has a suggestion of someone in Iowa who wouldn’t be so cavalier.

  3. I should add, the above would not be a problem if my husband took me and my research as seriously as he takes doctors. I’m not sure why he still listens to the doctors who ignored the ghost of his L-5 on the initial images and gave him the radiation without providing adequate support for his back first. It makes me crazy.
    Sometimes being the support person really SUCKS, to use a term favored by my students.

  4. Margaret,

    Here is another study that may just make your day…


    Apparently, a scientist has discovered that brewing darjeeling tea with gold salts forms “home-made” gold-nanoparticles covered with polyphenols.

    This is not particularly applicable UNTIL you read his patent application that he just filed.

    His patent application discloses that you can do the same with CURCUMIN and other flavanols and polyphenols.


    Please read his patent application, it’s mind blowing. It’s possible to make your own Curcumin coated nano-particles at home with gold salts and a tea pot.

  5. Thanks jbehles. Finely something makes more sense to me. YouTube cancer, gold nanoparticle and electromagnetic field may be even more interesting. Sorry I do not have more time now.

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