Bathroom humour…

Yesterday a blog reader/friend (thanks!) sent me a funny e-mail. I forwarded it to family and friends, but decided that I had to post about it, too, even though I had planned to post on a more serious topic today. bathroom-floorWell, “serious” can wait until tomorrow…besides, er, this could be seen as a continuation of yesterday’s “bathroom” post….okay, here goes…




First image. Imagine that you are at a party. On the 10th floor of a high-rise building.


And then you have to pay a visit to the bathroom…


You open the door….


And find….THIS.


It’s just a painted floor,public-toilet-1 of course, but doesn’t it make you wonder if you would have the guts to step inside this high-rise bathroom?






Sepublic-toilet-2cond and third image.


This woman is getting ready to enter a public toilet in Houston, Texas.


Okay, you’ve seen the outside (above, on the right), now check out…the inside (on the left)…


It’s made entirely of one-way glass. Nobody can see you from the outside, but when you are inside, it’s like sitting inside a clear glass box.


Now…truthfully…would you…indeed, COULD you…???


  1. Would NOT be able to use those one way glass ones…… Would be fun to stand outside one and stare at it though!

  2. It’s the psychological moment,M. Once you say “Aaaaahh” all
    the lights come, and there they are all outside with their cameras
    “Look Mummy what’s that man doing in there?”
    (you have assigned the copyright once you’ve put the
    coin in the slot, but we don’t bother with the terms and
    conditions do we?)Along comes a policeman – oh the Shame!”
    Still I can always grow a beard(and carry an empty beer bottle
    around with me in future).
    Hope I don’t get a nightmare tonight.

  3. Oh My… thank you so much for sharing… and the one in TX… if you turn on the lights at night, is it still ‘private?’

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