It’s not the Coliseum, but…

img_9573Well, actually, it’s not an amphitheatre. This morning Stefano and I went to visit the Roman theatre in Fiesole, an ancient hillside town that offers a spectacular view of Florence on a clear day…not today, though…today was very hazy…oh well.

Stefano had (incredibly!) never been inside the archaelogical park in Fiesole, and I hadn’timg_9596 been there since liceo (high school), so it was fun and new for both of us.

The 3000-seat theatre, built in the year 80 BC, still hosts concerts and art exhibits and so on. It’s worth a visit, for sure. Here are a few of the photos I took.

First, a panoramic shot of the amphitheatre. The second photo shows a view of the archaeological area seen from the arches of the Roman baths. You can make out the bell tower of the Cathedral of Fiesole beyond the arch on the left.img_9643 The third photo offers a view of what is left of the Etruscan and Roman temples. 

Ah yes, a lovely day.


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