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Hallie asked me a question that I thought I would answer in a post for reasons of length, mainly. Her question: I was wondering if you could refresh our memories as to what exactly has been your curcumin regimen for the past 6 months. How much curcumin daily, dissolved in what oil?


I have been taking 8 grams of curcumin, the C3 Complex kind that is used in the MD Anderson clinical trial, with bioperine (mostly Doctor’s Best but also the NSI brand by Vitacost, the 500 mg capsules in both cases…no financial interest in either company, btw!).


I haven’t experimented with C3 Complex curcumin powder in a long time, but I do plan to return to the kitchen early next year. So the answer to your question is no, at present I don’t dissolve my curcumin in oil or fat of any kind. I just swallow more than 20 capsules on an empty stomach at the end of the day.


Let’s see. Between July and November 2008, I took quercetin, curcumin and fish oil, all in capsule format.


Fish oil dosage: in early June 2008 I started on 1 gram of fish oil per day (a gel capsule; the oil is purified from heavy metal contaminants, which is extremely important). Since my November tests, I have increased my daily intake to 2 grams.


Quercetin dose: since the end of July, more or less 15 minutes before swallowing my capsules of curcumin and fish oil, I have been taking 1 gram of quercetin with bromelain.


My feverfew experiment began in November 2008, the day after I had my blood tests. Based on what I have been reading, I believe that I am taking too small a dose to make much difference, but for now I have decided to follow the instructions on the bottle and take only one pill a day. Based on my motto, primum non nocere, I want to see what happens, if anything. After all, the dose can always be increased. The percentage of parthenolide in each tiny pill is 3 %, the highest I could find on the market (but if anyone finds a reliable source providing a higher percentage per pill, please let me know).


Older regimens. As you can read on my “Some 2008 results” Page, between February-April 2008, after the Biocurcumax or BCM-95 catastrophe, Sherlock and I tested EGCG (green tea extract), in addition to our standard 8 grams of curcumin with bioperine. I also took flaxseed oil capsules (until June, when I changed to fish oil capsules, see above).


In April 2008 we stopped taking EGCG and began testing resveratrol (extracted mainly from the skin of red grapes).


I hope this answers your question! 😉

Personal stuff. We had a low-key but very relaxing and pleasant Xmas, playing cards, watching dvds etc. I still have a bit of a cough, and Stefano is also a bit under the weather, so we have postponed our plans to visit parts of Tuscany that we haven’t see yet. Perhaps next week…yes…in the meantime, though, it’s really nice to be at home with our kitties.


  1. Hi Margaret,
    Help me out here! My math has never been very good! If you’re swallowing 20 capsules of curcumin at 500 mg. each, aren’t you taking 10,000 mg. (10 grams) of curcumin rather than 8? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation! : ) Thanks, Donna

  2. Ah, Donna, that’s an example of poor writing on my part…very good of you to catch it and give me the chance to explain that those 20 capsules consist of: 16 capsules of curcumin, 2 capsules of quercetin, one feverfew pill, two fish oil gel capsules. Sorry about that!


  3. Duh! It pays to read the fine print! After re-reading your article again today, you were probably including your quercetin and fish oil with your curcumin hence the 20 capsules! I’m so literal…I get on my own nerves! : ) So sorry, Donna

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