A good reason not to diet

I am woefully behind in my research and Science Daily readings, but, in my defence, my mad Xmas cookie baking period has begun. This weekend I have baked several different types of brownies and cookies (my main thanks go to Martha Stewart and Marcel Desaulniers; Desaulniers’ book, “Death by chocolate cookies,” is my cookie…bible).


Chocolate chip cookies, raspberry coconut bars, cream cheese brownies, nut brownies, blondies, chocolate sandwich cookies (=baci di dama, in Italian, meaning “ladies’ kisses”), apple oatmeal spice cookies, thumbprint cookies…you name it, I have baked it (this photo gives a sample of the cookies I am taking to my card-playing pals this evening). My back is killing me this evening…but homemade cookies make the best presents…


Anyway, this brings me to a Science Daily November 25 article (http://tinyurl.com/5k9qbk), which gives us a good excuse to chomp on cookies and brownies during this period. That is, if we need an excuse: Dieters or those who consume fewer calories during flu season could have a harder time fighting off the flu virus, according to research by Michigan State University nutritional immunology professor Elizabeth Gardner

Even with an adequate vitamin intake, mice on restricted calorie diets had a harder time fighting the flu virus and a longer time recovering than mice who were on normal diets. Proof that vitamins cannot make up for a poor diet, I guess.

So don’t go on a diet during flu season. Eat normally and go ahead and have another cookie…(possibly with less sugar…don’t forget that cancer loves sugar!)


  1. Oh, those cookies look soooo wonderful! And thanks for the hummus recipe. I had been looking for an authentic hummus recipe! This one looks perfect.

  2. OK Marg, anything to justify eating more over the holidays….I love cookies though, and you’re right about the physical labor. I baked 3 different kinds this past Friday and it took 8 hours, and I was exhausted (Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread, Chocolate Hazelnut and Turtle Cookies.) Hey, maybe I’ll take a photo too.

  3. Hi,
    I think I have a good advice for you. Maybe you already know, but
    you can use agave syrup (or nectar) as a sweetener. Why ?
    It seems that its glycemic index is very low!
    I think you can also use it to prepare cakes.

    For us much better than sugar !

    Merry Christmas to Margaret and all of you blog friends!

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