Bit under the weather

Well, last Friday one of my students was coughing all over the place, clearly quite ill (I told her she needed to go HOME), but even though I tried to be careful and dodge all her germs, on Sunday I began to develop a sore throat. I ignored it.


But by yesterday morning I had quite a lovely cough, lost my voice (croak squeak croak), had a slight fever and felt very lethargic. I didn’t even go to work (!). After consulting with my GP, I began taking antibiotics, a five-day cycle, no big deal. And in fact, after spending most of yesterday in bed with three of my fuzzy kitties curled up next to me, purring and making sure I was nice and warm, today I feel much better.


So I am back to doing some writing, some research. Can’t stay in bed all day….uhmmm…unless you are a cat, of course…!


  1. Hi Margaret

    Hope you are fully recovered soon, I’m dodging the cold the rest of my family has at the moment, it’s only a sore throat, I’m trying positive thought to keep it that way.

    Not sure if you have found this study, about curcumin and omega 3 oil together fighting pancreatic cancer, I have just found it when going in to order my curcumin, sorry haven’t got time to look at proper link so have sent you the one from my suppliers, with details of the research. Sorry I don’t know how to make these links short like you do.

    Got to go as I have an appointment at my son’s school


  2. Hi Sue,

    I am feeling much better today, thanks! As for your sore throat, please be careful, that’s how mine began. In fact, Sherlock had similar symptoms, a sore throat and the beginnings of a cough, last week and immediately started taking a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum, by Boiron (we have no financial interest in this company, btw!). And she was fine after two days. I instead ignored my symptoms and began taking this remedy too late. I am now on antibiotics. Lesson learned. Anyway, I thought I would recommend this product. Good stuff! (I am still taking it, btw.)

    The link you posted led me to a Yahoo sign-in page. Perhaps you were referring to this study:
    No, I hadn’t seen it. Thanks!

    Be well,

  3. Hi Margaret

    Don’t know how I got the link wrong, but yes that is the study. Thanks! Now if it stops pancreatic cells, which I understand are quite agressive, that hopefully means it will work with myeloma as well.

    Recently I have been looking again at the Budwig diet(despite the fact that I try to avoid dairy) as I understand it the principle is that by completely immusifying the flax seed oil with the quark or cottage cheese a chemical reaction takes place which helps deliver the oil right to the heart of the cells, now I have been wondering what if turmeric was added to this mix, I have to say it’s an acquired taste and time comsuming(you have to make it and use it within 5 to 10 minutes, otherwise the it oxidises), but it may be worth it. What do you think??

    Sounds like it may be worth getting some Oscillococcinum for emergencies, to give to the children as well, to stop them spreading the germs in the first place!!


  4. Yes, do get well quickly. In the U.S. the rule is: antibiotic for 7 to 10 days. This avoids simply killing off the more susceptible germs and leaving a population that are the more resistant ones that can then reproliferate givng an infection that is then harder to attack. Five days doesn’t seem enought, especially for “we who are immunocompromised.” Please see your doc for more immediately if you do not feel 100% on day 5.

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