Cape Cod beach

On Saturday, the day before I returned to Italy, my sister and I went off on a long drive—to the herring run in Harwich and to Chatham, with its picturesque old houses.


On our way home, we stopped at Cold Storage Beach (see photo) in East Dennis where we were treated to an extraordinary sight, that of a seemingly endless stream of migrating birds flying over the water way off in the distance. They looked like snow geese with black-tipped wings.


Ah, if only I had had a professional camera with a powerful lens…so that I could have taken some better photos. Too bad. But it was a sight that I shall never forget…in my mind, at least!


The wind on the beach was freezing, so my sister soon retreated to the warmth of the car, but I remained on the beach for quite some time, ignoring the chill and taking photos of the geese flying south…and of the adorable little sandpipers (?) that were running like mad all over the beach.


Gorgeous day. And it was great to be out with my sister.

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