Unfortunately, my manatee story doesn’t have a happy ending, as I found out early this morning. Dennis didn’t make it. According to news reports, he died inside the truck that was transporting him to Sea World in Florida…just an hour before getting there. Just an hour. I cannot even imagine how the rescuers feel…devastated undoubtedly doesn’t cover it.

Well, they did the best they could with the meager means at their disposal…there were no military planes available to transport Dennis down to Florida quickly (we can imagine why…)…which might have saved his life. Might have.


  1. Hi Margaret, I’ve heard it said that when these huge marine
    creatures become stranded it is because they are already
    very ill.
    If that is the case then Dennis would have died whatever
    was done to get him back to the deep.

    Old ||Bill

  2. I’m not sure that’s always right Bill. In the UK we have had stranded dolphins and whales as a result of sonar activity during naval excercises. I don’t know if this would be enough to drive a manatee so far off course though.
    Best wishes,

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