Manatee on Cape Cod

Early this morning I read about the recent spotting of a manatee, also known as “sea cow,” in Sesuit Harbor, East Dennis. Here is a report about it: Well, Sesuit Harbor is just a five-minute drive from my parents’ house. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So I grabbed my camera and off I went…there were already a few people holding coffee mugs and walking up and down the docks in the wind and light rain, trying to spot the unusual-looking sea creature.

I joined them and began chatting with one of the marine mammal rescue workers who informed me that this is the farthest north a manatee has ever been observed. She added that her team is going to rescue it soon and take it down to Florida because it would not survive the winter on Cape Cod. The water is just too cold here.

As we were talking, the manatee surfaced right in front of us. A very exciting moment. I got a good shot of it, as you can see. I will go back to the harbor tomorrow…but hope that by then the large gentle creature has been taken to a warmer habitat down south.


  1. Yes, at Blue Springs, Florida the manatees migrate in for the winter to keep warm in the thermal spring water. Last year when we visited Florida, we made a little side trip from Orlando to Blue Springs to see them. There are about 40 of them that winter there, making it quite a sight in the clear water. We got some great pictures of them.

  2. Hi Margaret

    Sounds and looks like you are having a great time, I have just found this piece, not sure if you where already aware of this but thought i’d let you know just in case. “Resveratrol should not be combined with the nutrient Quercetin. A number of recent studies have shown conclusively that Quercetin blocks the critical metabolites of resveratrol. These metabolites account for up to 80% of the beneficial effects of resveratrol and extend its half life by over 400%. If both supplements are taken they should be separated by at least 8 hours. ” link to the full article

    By the way my bloods have stayed the same no change in 4 months, I have persauded my onocologist to test for Bartonella and Brucella, (look up mycoplasma and nonobacteria) and he’s going to organise for me to take one of these camera pills, which will hopefully detect any problems with leaky gut.

    All in all I feel it has been a good week

    All the best


  3. A comment on the last comment… Does that mean you probably shouldn’t eat an apple and grapes together for the full benefit?
    I puzzle about that sort of thing.. And wonder what I will find out about next week that I’m doing wrong.

    Margaret.. What precious moment… preserved on camera.

  4. Margaret,

    Great story about the manatee. Must have been a thrill.

    While browsing your site, I discovered your “blog readers’ personal stories” entry which was inspiring.

    Thanks so much for your diligence. Glad to know you’re doing so well.

    Best wishes, Steve

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