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I am too busy with work and family matters to do any research or write anything these days. I have a few more students this year, in addition to my “old” ones, so my workload has increased quite a bit, which in many ways (e.g. financially!) is good, of course, but there goes another chunk of my time every week…

Funny thing: no matter how hard I dug into my memory, I couldn’t figure out WHERE exactly the movie had been filmed. The village looked sooo different. It’s also true that I haven’t seen “Chocolat” in years, which certainly didn’t help my trip down memory lane.

Anyway, after finding the tourist office closed and walking up and down and through and around Flavigny several times, we finally gave up on finding exact “Chocolat” locations and just took photos.Side street, Flavigny

These photos remind me of something that I absolutely adored about Burgundy: even houses that were little more than piles of rubble (not these, mind you!) were surrounded and decorated by flowers. There were tidy gardens and plants and flowers everywhere. So cheerful. So lovely. Okay, I am procrastinating. I have to go! Ciao! And take care, everyone!

P.S. And speaking of photos…I like to change my blog header now and again. The current header is a view of the hills near my house in Florence. And yes, I take all my header photos.

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