Message from my students

My students\' birthday card
My students sent me this card today, with the following message:

Tantissimi Auguroni, Teacher!!!!!!!

I liked it so much that I had to post it.



  1. margaret,
    i have written to you what seems like an eternity ago ( last fall) when my husband was first diagnosed and appreciated your reply.
    you were the first person who came to mind now, we will be in london aug.1st and it is possible for us to see dr. ray powles for a consult. what do you know about him and why did he leave mardsen.
    my husband was stage 1 and now knowing what i know i would have encouraged him to “sit’ for awhile but alas he took rev/dex and his numbers have come down etc etc..the ? now is where do we go from here….. would you take advantage of seeing dr. powles for his opinion?
    i know “the world” always is knocking at your door w/ questions!!
    i appreciate your time. thank you so very much. and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!
    pat miner-i did not know how to contact you in the correct manner.
    my email is

  2. I’ll join your pupils in their good wishes, Margaret.
    As Dr Spock used to say in Startrek (?)
    “Live long and prosper.”.

    Old Bill

  3. Paul,
    That’s a very good link to canceractive about Dr Ray Fowles.
    He features in Michael Gearing-Tosh’s book “Living Proof –
    a medical mutiny”, and was highly regarded by Michael.
    Dr Fowles urged Michael to undergo chemotherapy but Michael
    refused,instead turning to Gerson Therapy which healed him of
    myeloma.Yet we find these two distinguished brothers saying:

    “Both Trevor and Ray declare themselves fans of complementary, “but strong foes of alternative medicine. I know almost nothing that does harm, providing you’re also getting the best medical treatment/ says Ray. “Complementary you add on top of state of the art treatment. Alternative, you abandon all other treatment.”

    “The problem with alternative treatment,” adds Trevor, “is that you may be delaying appropriate, accepted medical treatment. It might be that there is none, but, generally, when there is effective medical treatment available to give just carrot juice is definitely not the way forward.”.

    Pity,isn’t it?

    Old Bill.

    “There’s none so blind as them that won’t see.”
    Jonathan Swift.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for all the lovely birthday wishes, both private and public. 🙂 Much appreciated.

    And a lot of thanks to you, Paul, for answering Pat’s question. A very interesting article. I agree with Old Bill that the above-mentioned statements concerning alternative treatments were unfortunate to say the least, but it is encouraging to see that these two doctors approve of some complementary treatments, which is a big step in the right direction, in my book.

    I thought that the mention of “cure” was unfortunate. It could give us the mistaken impression that myeloma has a cure. That, as we know, is not the case. Not today, at any rate!

    However, I did appreciate the way the twin doctors approach their patients, I mean in terms of informing them and involving them in treatment decisions and whatnot. That, in fact, as the doctors themselves seem to suggest, is probably a big factor contributing to the increasing longevity of patients…eh!

    Anyway, interesting article. Thanks!

  5. Hi Bill,

    I posted the link so that Pat could make her own mind up about the Powles twins. I don’t necessarily agree with what they say myself but I think we all have to make our own minds up based on our own personal circumstances. Certainly, for someone with aggressive myeloma, Ray Powles experience in SCT will be very important. He also seems to have an excellent attitude to customer care – which in my experience is far from universal.

    I wouldn’t say that the Gerson Therapy “healed” Michael G-T either – but it just might have helped to keep his myeloma stable. For some of us this can be the best option until a true cure is found – one which eliminates both differentiated MM plasma cells and myeloma stem cells. I think we are getting there but developments in conventional medicine are always slow and its practitioners are maybe too cautious for some of us.

    Best wishes,

  6. thank you all or as we say here in mississippi y’all! for your input re. dr. ray powles.
    the article that paul gave the link to was great!

    we will still welcome further comments
    many thanks

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