“Why is it so?”

I came across a colourful article on curcumin and turmeric in the July issue of “Men’s Health”: http://tinyurl.com/654lqk It was written by a reporter who travelled to India to find out more about turmeric. Among other things, he describes his visits to India‘s largest producer of ingredients for the flavor and fragrance industry (where turmeric is processed, too), to a small turmeric farm and also to a spice shop in Kerala:


When I visit Kannan Balachandran, 34, who owns a small spice shop in Kochi, Kerala, he produces a large bowl of turmeric, over which he muses, “I have seen my granny, when the children get a cut, put it in the wound. When a chicken became ill, I saw her mix it with rice and feed it.”


Shagzil Khan, 29, a tour guide, listens and nods. “It is just something we know,” he says. “No one teaches you this. There’s never any asking, ‘Why is it so?’ “


There was nothing in this article that I didn’t already know, but anyway, it is a good read if you have a few minutes to spare, so please have a look. If nothing else, it will tell you why we don’t ever see any curcumin commercials! wink smiley


Have a great weekend!!!


  1. that was a good read, Margaret;a very good read.Many thanks.

    “There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Katmandu
    There’s a little marble cross below the town,
    Where a broken-hearted widow tends the grave of Mad Carew
    And the Yellow God forever gazes down.”.

    Turmeric perhaps?

    Old Bill.

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