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Just a quick post today because Italy is playing against France this evening…the European soccer championship, you know…and I am too excited and worried to do any research. I suppose you can guess which flag I will be waving…wink smiley (and no, I don’t care for soccer or indeed sports in general, but when the Italian soccer team is playing I turn into a mad shrieking banshee…).


In answer to the questions concerning my osteoporosis tests, here are the ones that I took in April followed by the ones that my endocrinologist asked me to do next fall:


1. Calcium in the blood and urine; phosphorus in the urine (that was a lab mistake, it should have been a blood test); alkaline phosphatase; bone alkaline phosphatase; parathyroid hormone; creatinine in the blood and urine; creatinine clearance; pyridinoline.


2. In addition to the above, I will have the following tests done in the fall: phosphorus in the blood; vitamin D (25-OH); calcium ion. She also ordered a femoral and lumbar MOC, the abbreviation for Mineralometria Ossea Computerizzata, similar to a bone mineral density test but more comprehensive, from what I read online.


I think that is it. Oh, by the way, my official diagnosis is “hyperparathyroidism of uncertain origin.” (Remind you of anything? wink smiley ) That is why my endocrinologist wants me to suspend my intake of vitamin D until the fall. If I don’t do so, she won’t be able to figure out the cause of my elevated parathyroid hormone.Forza Azzurri!!!  


Okay, enough about tests and whatnot, I need to focus on this evening’s soccer game:
Forza Azzurri!!!


  1. I decided, from the very start, to skip Italy and to support Portugal in this soccer championship. Forza Portogallooooo!

  2. This is “off topic” based on your other comments, but I just want to say that you do excellent research and analysis. I’m so impressed. Thanks for all you contribute. I need to study your blog, that is for sure!!

  3. Well, that was a good game last night, especially the first half. Italy won against France, deservedly so in my view, and Holland beat Romania (phew!), so Italy will continue to compete in the European soccer championship.
    I wasn’t my usual hollering soccer self because Piccolo, one of my kitties, decided to lie in my lap during the game, and I didn’t want to frighten him.
    Portogallooooo? No way, José! I might lend my support to the Spanish team, but that depends on which team commits the least amount of fouls. I don’t like fouls! If a team is playing rough (or badly), I have been know to switch allegiance. 😉
    Thank you, Cindy, for your kind comments! 🙂
    Take care, everyone,
    Margaret (doing laundry on a, finally!, sunny day in Florence!)

  4. I thought David Beckham went to the US to teach you how to play football properly (eg you are not supposed to pick the ball up and run straight into one of the opposing team).

  5. Well, perhaps Beckham should follow his own teachings more closely, since the British soccer team didn’t even manage to qualify for the 2008 European championship.
    (sorry, Paul, couldn’t resist…!)
    Margaret 🙂

  6. Look, let’s get this straight once and for all. The game David Beckham plays is football NOT soccer.

    The game you Americans play is not football because:
    1) Any game where the main object is to throw the ball as far as you can, cannot be called “football”. In football you kick the ball (with your feet).
    2) The British invented the game of football. Just because we didn’t patent the name, it doesn’t mean you can nick it and call our game something else.
    3) We also invented a game for men with peculiar shaped balls. It’s called “rugby” but you haven’t understood the rules of that either. Rugby players don’t dress like wusses with crash helmets and shoulder pads. Nor do they throw the ball forwards. If you want to stick to your rules you should call your game “American Rugby”. While you are at it, you can rename baseball, “American Rounders”. We invented that too.
    4) You cannot call a game “World Series” if you won’t let other countries play. If we had done that, David Beckham would have won the World Cup many times. Instead, we British taught other countries how to play “our game” and then let them beat us at it. It gives us something to complain about apart from the weather.
    5) David Beckham cannot play “soccer” otherwise FIFA would have to be renamed FISA and UEFA would be UESA.

    I hope that clears things up. I’m surprised Stefano hasn’t sorted this out already 🙂


  7. Hehe, Paul, ok, ok, you win! Just for fun, though, since “football” is “calcio” in Italian, if UEFA were an Italian acronym, it would be: UEAC! And if Italy wins the UEFA cup, perhaps it should be changed to that!

    P.S. BTW, Stefano has about the same interest that I have in calcio/football/soccer…;-)

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