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Yesterday my mother sent me a link (see: that I thought I would post for those interested in nanotechnology and organic food (plus issues like the parabens and a whole lot more). See also: (and the related story…a bit scary, isn’t it?).

At any rate, if, like yours truly, you are concerned that too many nanoproducts are hitting the market without first undergoing adequate safety testing, you can send a message to the FDA from the above link. Just one click. Easy peasy!

There are also updates on my friends the honey bees, and oh a lot of other topics. Very interesting. My first but not last time to this website. I will link to it from my blog.

Please go have a look. Thanks!


  1. Dear Margaret,

    I have been reading your blog for about a month now. My mother has MM in its worst form – Bence-Jones. And she has had 2 rounds of chemo. Unfortunately due to my second pregnancy at the time I was not informed either of her diagnosis or of the fact that she was having chemo. I am informed now and, have to say, am pretty angry as I would not have advised her to have chemo. In fact, her doctor is not even giving her the stage or prognosis he just insists that she would not have been with us now without chemo which may or may not be true but I don’t like being scared into doing something (or my mom being scared into doing something). Her numbers, including b2m, albumine and creatinine were all normal (in fact, a frantic attempt for a second opinion at MD Anderson resulted in one of their leading doctors doubting the need for chemo in mom’s case). But I was too late. In any case I am, regardless of her decision about following the conventional medicine, recommending her alternative ways. I have read a book by Michael Gearin-Tosh and other sources and at the moment am researching curcumin. Thanks to you I have ordered Doctor’s Best curcumin and bioperine 500mg capsules and will recommend mom to build up her intake to 8g a day. What I don’t understand is wheather 500mg capsules contain 500 mg of curcumine? surely, there must be some space for bioperine in them? 🙂 how do I know how much of curcumin is in the capsule? Or am I being too much of a good scolar and 16 capsules should do the trick?
    We live in Russia, however I have lived many many years in the UK and my husband is Italian….We have two lovely children who I very much hope will have their grandmother around for the years to come. Even though I read about the life expectancy of people who have done chemo. I only have internet to help me as MM in Russia is not treated at all by any medicine, so if you can sometimes answer a few questions (I promise not to overdo it!) I would greatly appreciate it. Best Regards and Warmest Wishes,
    Yana Tulchinskaya

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