Sherlock’s test results

I just got off the phone with Sherlock. Her April test results turned out a bit better than mine, which is super duper. For instance her M-spike went from 2.5 down to 2.37. Ok, that’s not a huge decrease, but almost all of her other values did well, too. We compared our results over the phone and concluded that the EGCG did a good job. For both of us.

An example: her total protein, which was lower than mine, is now within normal range; mine is just slightly above normal. Excellent!

A curious thing that made us laugh: even though we took the exact same substances (even the same brands!) at the same dosage/time of day, some of my values went up while hers went down (or vice versa). For instance, her white blood cells dropped below the normal range whereas mine climbed back up into the normal range. Her haemoglobin and B2M went up a bit, mine went down (I should point out that all of these values are within the normal range). Her LDH went down a bit, mine went up a bit (still way within the range, though). Etc. Goes to show that we are different!

Anyway, in conclusion, we feel very positive about our EGCG experiment.

We are both still strolling along the stability path.

I am in a terrific hurry this afternoon, but I did want to share Sherlock’s happiness with all of you! Bravissima! Alla prossima!


  1. Congratulations Margaret & Sherlock!!! We share in your joy and thank you for your example. You two are a great encouragement to the MM community!!

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