See you on May 6th!

Hi everyone! I almost certainly won’t be posting anything or answering any e-mails until May 6th, after we return from our UK holiday. I asked my UK blog readers if they thought there might be an Internet cafè in Rothbury (Northumberland), and their peals of laughter floated all the way from London to my home in Florence. One of them, funny guy, said I might be able to find a telephone up there (haha!).  Okay, so no Internet café. No access to Internet for the next, gulp!, ten days or so…yikes!

Sherlock has kindly agreed to monitor my blog during this short period (so spam folks, stay away! Sciò!).

So far, the only ones who are not happy that we are going off on holiday are my four beloved cats. Especially Priscilla (my second-youngest), see photo. Oh no, she is definitely not pleased.

But we have so many friendly cat-lovers lined up to visit and feed and take care of them that I am sure they will be fine.

Take care, everyone! Ci vediamo il 6 maggio!


  1. Margaret’s blog readers might be interested to know that the Farne Islands were featured on BBC News this morning. The wardens are conducting a survey on the 60,000 Puffins there. The sea was calm and the sun was shining so she should be having a good time.

  2. Northumberland! I was there in 75 – had a boyfriend in Newcastle & we toured the county. It’s a lovely area, isn’t it?

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