DMAPT response

Well, no DMAPT trial for yours truly. I received an answer just now and, in a nutshell, I was advised, given my current (good) clinical status, to wait and see how the initial trials work out. This could take a couple of years, I was told.

I would like to note that the reply I received was very straightforward. And very kind. Much appreciated.

I will certainly be following the trials carefully…and at least I tried.


  1. They have a point. At least you’re stable. I imagine they’ll be recruiting for some time to come, and if you do de-stabilize (God forbid), re-contact them, and maybe they’ll take you.

  2. I too have a form of leukemia. My time is limited. I do not want chemo, but am looking to get DMAPT. could you tell me who you talked to and how to get on a list for a clinical trial? Thanks


  3. Hi Stephen,
    You don’t say which country you live in. If you are in the UK, my understanding is that the DMAPT trial will be at Cardiff, if you are in the US, the work seems to be at Rochester. In the first instance I suggest you contact your GP for a referral. If you need to do something immediately, you could also try taking feverfew tablets but the amount of Parthenolide they contain is limited and variable.

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