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I began juicing again yesterday. I haven’t juiced in, oh, months. Terrible!  But I have been feeling tired and sluggish lately, and need to give myself a boost, a mental boost, too. Juices always help. So my plan from now on is to juice at least once a day.

This is a photo of my fabulous Green Star twin gear juicer, bought in 2006, being carefully checked out by Peekaboo (this morning). She really enjoys watching me push carrots and apples and whatnot through the feeding chute. If I were juicing tuna, I’d be in trouble! 

Since some blog readers have asked me privately about my current protocol, here it is again: Sherlock and I are taking eight grams of curcumin C3 Complex (Doctor’s Best 500 mg capsules with bioperine, which we have both taken before), plus one gram of EGCG, or green tea extract, and one gram of flaxseed oil (I think Sherlock may be taking fish oil).

In addition, I occasionally take a (mainly) vitamin B complex, the same that I began taking a few months ago. And I practice qigong. Ah, I also want to learn how to fly through the air like Peekaboo in this recent photo (what a scary jump that was…for me! ).

Notice: I discovered this morning that some of my newspaper article links on the right don’t work anymore. I will be going through and replacing them with new links (or not!) in the next few days. Well, things like this are to be expected. Too bad.


  1. Hi Again

    I too have dusted off my juicer which has been in hiding for over a year, but more importantly I have started sprouting seeds again, I have made this discission based on restudying what I did in 2005/2006 when my levels were lower and more stable. I don’t know if you do this or have looked at any studies, but having made this discission I have looked up a couple of studies that everyone might be very interested in. I have only skimmed through but thought they showed great interseted. Links below

    It seems that I may have helped my health by eating sprouts 3 times a day, although if you look at the nutrional anaylsis of bean sprouts they contain tyrosine so I’m not sure if people with mm would want to consume bean sprouts? But Greens, radish, mustard and fenugreek definately look as if they boost our cancer fighting cells.

    Happy Easter by the way

    wishing you the best of health always

  2. Margaret,

    I hope the juicing perks you up. I had to stop making carrot juice last summer because I was getting too much sugar. I actually started having pain in my hip bone, so I stopped juicing right away. But, I know from having made many green juices during the past few years that juicing provides many health benefits.

    I love seeing Peekaboo’s antics. She’s such a darling cat!

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