My parents check on me and my state of health via my blog. When they get up in the morning (they live in the U.S., a six-hour time difference), they check to see if I have posted a new entry. If I have, they are reassured that all is well. If I haven’t, though, they give me a call, especially when they know that I am a bit under the weather (oh, I’m much better, by the way; in fact, I am about to set off for work, as usual, even though right now I feel about as perky as Garfield in this cartoon, zzzzzz…).

Anyway, yesterday I didn’t feel like posting, even though I did do some research and have a couple of items up my sleeve, so in mid afternoon the phone rang. My mother’s worried voice: "Sweetheart, are you OKAAAAY???? You didn’t post anything today!" Well, this truly is a health-blog in every sense of the term! 

Okay, I am off to work. Have a grrrrreat day, everyone!


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