Update on the Consumer Lab curcumin report

A blog reader who uses the curcumin manufactured by Ageless Cures sent this company an e-mail expressing her concern about the recent Consumer Lab report (see my February 8 2008 post for details; there you can also read a message by an Ageless Cures representative: I would like to mention that I did NOT get in touch with Ageless Cures…but I must say this message made me feel like a VIP). Anyway, my blog reader received an immediate reply with reassurances that Ageless Cures was looking closely into the matter and working with Consumer Lab to figure it all out.

A few days ago she received another message from Ageless Cures, including a certificate of analysis of a 500 mg batch. I just checked, and the same certificate can be downloaded from the Ageless Cures website, and also the certificate of analysis of the 1000 mg batch.

The curcumin lot analysed by Consumer Lab was a 500 mg batch that had been discontinued in June 2007. Ageless Cures informed my blog reader that it transferred the manufacture of its 500 mg capsules to an FDA certified facility in October 2007. That seems to take care of that problem.

I admit that I can’t help wondering why Consumer Lab tested a discontinued batch of curcumin in the first place? That makes little or no sense at all. Hmmm. Moreover, it did not test the popular 1000 mg pill (odd, eh?), which is manufactured in an FDA, GMP (which means “Good Manufacturing Practices,” not “Greater Manchester Police” 🙂 ) and BBB (must be “Better Business Bureau”) certified facility. More hmmms.

Well, anyway, here follows the message my blog reader received from Ageless Cures (she authorized me to publish it; I have edited out some parts of it, such as personal references):

“Attached is the Certificate of Analysis of Curcumin 500mg and Super Curcumin 1000mg products performed by Internationally recognized Testing Labs Eurofins Scientific. Every batch manufactured by Ageless Cures is being tested and results posted on www.agelesscures.com. A copy of the COA is being enclosed with every order effective FEB 10th, 2008.

The test results show that the Active Curcumin levels (curcuminoids) meet or exceed the label specifications within tolerance. This same batch products manufactured in NOV-DEC 2007 are being shipped to customers. The same test methods purportedly used by Consumer Lab, HPCL (High performance Liquid Chromatography) is used to test the products for Active curcuminoids.

Certificate of Analysis Summary

Curcumin C3 Complex 500mg – 90 Capsules. Lot# 151011. Exp Date:12/2011. TEST RESULT: 512 mg of Active Curcumin (curcuminoids)

Super Curcumin C3 Complex w/Bioperine 1000mg. Lot# 101044. Exp Date:1/2011. TEST RESULT: 975mg of Active Curcumin (curcuminoids) + Bioperine.

Ageless Cures strongly feels that our customers are entitled to know the quality of products being purchased from us. We buy the most expensive organic Curcumin, manufacture in a FDA, GMP and BBB certified facility, maintain stringent quality standards and market directly to keep prices low.

The Consumer Lab report is a small blip which pertained to a specific small batch which we ceased to market long back and have also changed manufacturing to an FDA certified facility. We are also looking into the testing methods used by Consumer Labs and have been working with them to present all our products for voluntary testing.

From the very beginning, I always found it odd that Consumer Lab, a For Profit Organization (…), didn’t test the Doctor’s Best curcumin (very popular among us curcumin-takers; I have taken it, too) or the more popular NSI curcumin brand. It instead tested some obscure (to me, at least!) curcumin brands.

Odd, yes.

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