Ask the myeloma expert

I took bits and pieces of the following from Beth’s blog. and the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research are proud to announce the creation of “Ask the Expert,” a free online web-forum where myeloma and bone cancer specialist, Dr. James R. Berenson, offers medical answers to questions surrounding quality of life and longevity issues for patients living with this rare form of cancer. is the creation of myeloma advocate Beth Morgan and provides an online forum where patients and caregivers can learn more about multiple myeloma (or bone marrow cancer), which occurs when plasma cells, the white blood cells that normally produce infection-fighting antibodies, undergo cancerous changes and begin to proliferate in the bone marrow.

Thousands of people visit every day, myeloma and bone cancer patients, caregivers and other medical professionals who actively participate in online discussions about treatment options and personal experiences.

“Ask the Expert” is the latest addition to the website and is available at no charge by registering on the site. Visit for more information. You can also go read more about this new feature of Multiple Myeloma Support website on Beth’s blog:

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