Go easy on medicated lotions, creams, gels

I am as busy as a buzzing bee today, correcting tests and preparing classes for tomorrow (etc.), so I don’t have time to post about much of anything.

But I read something yesterday that made me realize that even seemingly harmless stuff like over-the-counter creams may be not so…harmless, after all. Thanks to Healthblogs’ new updated Health News Section, I was able to read the following article: http://tinyurl.com/25obv2 Scary! My recommendation: when buying anything, follow Puzzola’s example (I took this photo a couple of years ago) and keep at least one eye wide open. And use that wide open eye to read the list of ingredients. 

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  1. That is a cute shot of Kitty!! Keep an eye out.

    You and Don and others have a huge job sorting our cucumin supplies. So complex.. never knowing what surprise may be around the corner.

    I’ve always said, in the cold of winter, “it kills the cockroaches”. I will welcome those first green leaves poking up… but sorry yours are coming a little too soon.

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