Drinking Water

   After dinner last night, Stefano and I were sitting at the table, chatting, when Peekaboo decided she had to check out the contents of my glass (water, what else?). I dashed to get my camera.

This sequence gives a good idea of what happened (over and over…). Dipping her paw into my glass and shaking water all over the table wasn’t enough. She finally stuffed her silly little head into the glass. The third photo shows how much she appreciated my letting her have a drink (I should mention that our cats always have plenty of drinking water, the same water that we humans drink…). Needless to say, I got myself a new glass …We have never had such a mischievous kitten. Every year I decorate a small (fake but cute) Xmas tree. But now that we have Peekaboo, even having such a small tree has become a bit of a chore. In spite of my efforts to camouflage it, she has managed to knock it over several times by now, and I seriously doubt the ornaments will make it to next week. No matter, though, we don’t mind: Peekaboo is THE cutest!

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