Happy Halloween

Peekaboo and the Halloween puppetsI haven’t had time to do any blogging in the past few days. No time for any research, no time to answer e-mails (for which I apologize!) or blog comments, etc. My to-do list is getting longer and longer. YIKES! I have simply been ignoring it. 😉 I have been busy, busy, busy, but away from my computer. I have spent a lot of time with my MMA list friend (fun!) as well as preparing my classes and teaching.

Tomorrow is a big Catholic holiday, called Ognissanti in Italian (All Saints’ Day in English, I think), and then we have a long holiday weekend, which I plan to spend with Stefano and also doing some research…finally! In the meantime, since today I again have no time to write a serious post, I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! (P.S. The kitty in the photo is REAL: it’s my five-month-old Peekaboo! And no, even though it’s hard to believe, I didn’t put her there, I just set up my Halloween puppets, showed her how interesting that broomstick was, and she sat right behind ’em…my perfect photogenic model! Of course, a split second after I took this photo, she started chewing on the broomstick…) 🙂


  1. Cute kitty, and so cooperative.

    Halloween is not ordinarily celebrated in Italy, correct?

    Although, I miss your blog, I’m glad you’re taking some time for fun with your friend. It has to be good for the soul!

  2. Thank you both. Cathy, Halloween began being celebrated in Italy a few years ago. We were stunned one evening when kids in our neighbourhood, all dressed up in costumes, rang our doorbell chanting “dolcetto o scherzetto?” (the Italian equivalent of “trick or treat?”) So it is becoming popular here, too. Very good for the costume, candy and chocolate businesses!

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