Puffin Photos and Venice

Puffin, Maine 2006I was sort of dared to post my fuzzy puffin dot photos, so here goes! Enjoy! 😉

My MMA list friend is back from Venice, where she also experienced the thrill of high tide in St. Mark’s Square yesterday. Not much fun, but she was a good sport about it. She also returned with a cold and a cough, poor dear. Unfortunately, it rained during most of her stay. Bummer. Apart from those two things, though, she loved (how could she NOT???) and was overwhelmed by Venice. She told me that at one point she ran into a tourist who told her that she would be in Venice for just five hours and then would be leaving for another city on her tour group’s itinerary. I was appalled. Why bother going to Venice if you only have five hours? Just to be able to say: been there, done that? Well, five hours is better than nothing at all, I suppose…Flying puffins, Maine 2006

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