My New Enhanced (?) Bioavailability Experiment

PeekabooLast week I stopped taking the Doctor’s Best curcumin capsules, fearing a possible interference between the bioperine and my massive daily dose of antibiotics (I am not sure that that would be the case, but better safe than sorry!). Since I don’t want to stop taking curcumin for obvious reasons, though, I figured that now would be a good time to try one of the new increased bioavailability ideas.

Since I am not up to making chocolate candies yet, I decided to try my chocolate ganache idea. All I have in my kitchen right now is some 70% dark chocolate, which yesterday afternoon I melted over low heat, adding a small amount of organic butter, then some whole organic milk. I mixed about two grams of curcumin powder into this thick dark liquid and drank it. Now, keeping in mind that right at the moment I have quite a head cold and my taste buds are, consequently, a bit altered, this mixture tasted just fine to me. Quite an interesting color, too. 😉Peekaboo, my devoted nurse

This morning I upped the dose of curcumin to four grams. The taste was definitely worse but not horrendous. Once I get my hands on some double cream and some cocoa butter (which has a 50-57% fat content), I won’t need to use butter to increase the fat content of my fake ganache. Still, even without the cocoa butter etc., I can confirm that curcumin will dissolve easily in what is essentially warm (almost hot) chocolate milk, without sugar. Whether it works on my myeloma markers well, I won’t know that until I have my next set of tests.

My experiment continues.

Yesterday I took some photos of our 4-month-old kitten, Peekaboo, including these two. I think she could win a prize in a beauty contest, but of course I am totally biased!


  1. Hi Margaret,
    I’ve been using the following curumin concoction on my son. I mix the caps of curcumin in a teaspoon or two of organic flax seed oil – it disolves easily. Then I add about 1/3 cup of organic fruit yoghurt and stir it up. Next I add a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries (or other small frozen fruit). Stirring this turns it into a kind of frozen yoghurt “ice cream” which doesn’t taste wonderful but is palatable due to the fruit flavour and the cold (which reduces the flavour).
    Thanks for the ideas. As usual you are doing a great job!

  2. Dear Margaret,
    You will probably know this better than I do, but
    here goes in any case:
    Anti biotics kill not only the bad bugs but the
    good ones too,and after a course of them the
    gut is left sterile.The human gut is a home for
    our immunities and should be teeming with flora.
    Without them we become vulnerable to
    “opportunistic infections” which we cannot
    combat. Have you considered
    taking probiotics when your course has finished?
    Stuff like lactobacillus acidophilus,L caseii caseii,
    L caseii rhamnosus, they are the popular ones,
    but the more you pay the more you get.
    They are supposed to replace what the antibiotics
    have killed off and help recovery.
    Just want to help.
    Old Bill

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