Cat Healing

I have no pain in the pleural region and no fever today, and am feeling much, indeed MUCH better. Almost my old self again. Thank you all for your get-well wishes (private and public ones). Much appreciated. Of course, many thanks go to my parents and husband for taking care of me, but I also wanted to mention that they received a lot of help from my cats, who took their nursing duties very seriously. Peekaboo by my sideThey did almost regular nursing shifts on my bed (see photo of little Peekaboo), but on Friday, my worst day, I had at least two cats on me or next to me at all times. It’s rather uncanny, when you think about it. How do they KNOW??? It’s a good thing that I was feeling too poorly to be reminded, at the time, of Oscar the Death Cat (see my July 26, or thereabouts, post). 😉 Seriously, though, I am sure my cats’ warm furry presence was an important factor in my healing so quickly. There is nothing like being surrounded by purring cats.

I tried to pick up on my CRP research this morning but am not up to that yet. So, research will have to wait a few more days. But Stefano is downstairs making me risotto with different kinds of cheeses, so life is returning to normal! Just a few more days.


  1. Am so very glad to see you snapping back, Margaret, thanks to your cats, the antibiotics, your own indomitable spirit, and maybe even a little help from that maligned immune system. I will be writing you separately with some info that I have uncovered about building up the immune system, done for the benefit of my wife and daughter. Maybe it will give you some ideas about your own immune system.
    Keeping that up is just as important as keeping the MM cells down.

  2. Margaret, I had no idea you were ill. I am sorry to hear it, but glad that you seem better. (I did not finish reading your entry because I wanted to send you good wishes ASAP!) I had missed your postings and was looking you up to see where you were. I am glad I did. I will add you to my blessings list. Now I will go finish reading. Warmest regards, Linda

  3. Aw man—I’m just getting around to seeing that you’ve been ill, along with your new mspike – BUMMER. I had pleuresy yrs. ago, & can vouch for the pain. In fact, I recall I had driven to an all-night pharmacy @ 1:30 a.m. (I was single then) to get some drugs. I was at a stop light which would not turn green for what seemed like forever. Finally, impatient to get home so I could take my drugs, I drove ahead. WHAM! A cop pulled me over & ticketed me! There was NO ONE around, not one other car. I told the SOB I was sick & just trying to get home to take my medicine. What a heartless ass.

    Cats ARE healers. One of my aunts, a bona fide cat fiend, told me this years ago when I noted one of them had curled up to me whilst ill. In fact, when I was first diagnosed, and going through all that stress & hell, both my cats (Claire & Spanky at that time) became ill too. Isn’t that weird? it’s almost like they took on my illness. I was at the vet’s office – bawling in the waiting room (what a scene) over my problems & my cats. they bounced back quickly.

    Sorry about everything. If it’s not one thing… hey I started my chemo this week. So far so good – no side effects.

    See ya,


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