Priscilla in the bathroom sinkToday I have no inspiration. I tried and tried to do some research, but that went nowhere, and my post just isn’t happening. I played with the kitten (but this photo actually shows Priscilla, two years old, lying in the bathroom sink) and went back to my search results and what I have written so far. No change. So I give up. It’s almost time for dinner, anyway, so I will forget about my draft until tomorrow morning.

Just for fun, today, I googled Margaret’s Corner, and found more than 1600 entries. Many of them refer to my blog, but many refer also to other blogs by other Margarets. This made me think that I really should rename my blog some day. A blog title should indicate the content of a blog, but my current title indicates very little about my blog, just my first name. “Margaret’s Corner” could be the name of a cafè or of a corner store, really. Hardly my case! 🙂


  1. Hi Margaret,
    Even though you have nothing new to put in your blog it is still a joy to read what you write. I open up Margarets Corner every morning and admire the enthusism and professionalism that emanates from it.
    All the best,
    Mary (Paris)

  2. You always come up first on google { or is it goggle?} for me and I love the name of your blog. Just keep up the good work and study that scrabble dictionary in your spare time…….And I will study the computer lingo……..love, winnah

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