Drinking from the Faucet

Priscilla and tap waterOur two-year-old cat, Priscilla, has learned a new trick €”drinking water from the faucet. Now, I know that heaps of cats do adorable things like that, but I have never had a cat who is so totally OBSESSED with drinking water in this manner. Whenever someone heads in the general direction of the bathroom, she rushes ahead, leading the way over to the sink. And she won’t let you go about your business until she has quenched her thirst. Thirst? What thirst?!!! She must drink ten times her body weight in tap water a day! (Ok, SLIGHT exaggeration…) Anyway, today I have a ton of errands to run, including taking my eldest cat Puzzola to the vet for an ultrasound (she probably has kidney stones, poor sweetie), so I don’t have time to do any research, but I thought I would post this photo. My research can wait till tomorrow. 🙂


  1. Hi, Margaret. Welcome back! Glad to hear the cat is going to be OK. I am wondering if you have your MM “History” posted? I am scarfing down the curcumin right and left, and hoping it will help keep me in remission. I found the bioperine really gives me digestive problems, so I am limiting it to 20 mg/day. The rest of the curcumin is without it. I am taking about 8 g/day total. Thank you for all your time and research. I am benefitting from both. Regards, Linda

  2. My 2 cats are the same way. Not only are they shunning their waterfountain/bowl, but my male has found a way to turn on the bathroom faucet by himself to just a trickle.

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