Back From Holiday

Just a quick note before dinner: we got back from our holiday in southern Italy on Thursday, and have been busy busy busy (BUSY!) since then. Since our return, I haven’t had time to check my e-mail (so now I have about 200 messages to go through, argh!) or do any blogging. Plus, this is THE weekend that we are introducing Peekaboo to her new feline family. Peekaboo and the kitten in the mirror!Yep, vacation’s definitely over! Mamma mia! 😉 We have been careful to do these introductions properly and slowly, BUT there still has been a lot of hissing and growling and stress on the part of our three adult cats. Can’t blame them. They see the little critter as a threat, and are very upset. On a positive note, though, they are not attacking her. They simply hiss and growl and bare their teeth at her whenever they set eyes on her. And when little Peekaboo gets too close for comfort, they growl more loudly or, if that doesn’t work (it doesn’t…the little imp isn’t scared at all!), they scamper up to the attic to hide. Hmmm. Frightened of a teeny TINY kitten? Sigh. Needless to say, Stefano, my parents and I are simply exhausted from running up and down the stairs after little Peekaboo, who is tremendously excited to be out of confinement (in this photo, she is trying to attack the kitten in the mirror… 🙂 Her eyes are still blue and will remain blue, by the way, too bad the flash interfered with the colour, here) and is dashing hither and thither. Tonight in order to give our adult cats a rest and time to mull things over, we will shut Peekaboo in her room again. Actually, we all need a rest! But tomorrow her door is going to be opened for good. We will let the four cats figure things out on their own. Tomorrow. 😉


  1. Oh they’ll get over it; they’ve been dethroned. Great shot! She must do that a lot in order for you to be ready with a camera.

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