My Tests: IgG Count and Monoclonal Component

My brain must be on holiday, too, since yesterday I didn’t make a rather obvious connection between two markers: the IgG count and the monoclonal component (MC). While my IgG level went up slightly, my MC went down. That puzzled me somewhat, yesterday. The first thing that I noticed was an increase in my IgGs, and that did not please me. But I completely missed the connection, i.e., the GOOD news.

A friend of mine just pointed out to me that the IgG increase and corresponding MC decrease means that my GOOD IgGs have increased, not the nasty evil MM cells. Duuuuh, Margaret! Of course! Well, an increase in my normal immunoglobulins is good news, for sure. Indeed, excellent. Cause for celebration. I want to thank my wonderful friend (whom I call Sherlock in our frequent e-mail exchanges) for pointing this out to me. Grazie mille!


  1. Margaret,
    This is what I was also asking you about. You really ought to be monitoring the monoclonal IgG figure not the total IgG. Your “bad” IgG will therefore be significantly lower than the 28-31 you have been quoting – probably between 21-24. The fact that your normal IgG appears to have increased quite a bit is good news indeed.
    Happy holiday.

  2. Hi Margaret,
    Good news! I am glad your holiday is going well. I have missed your delightful and informative posts on the lists, so your blog is especially welcome now. Enjoy!

    Linda (US)

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