Precious Peekaboo

Peekaboo, July 20 2007At the risk of turning my blog into a temporary cat blog 😉 I am going to post a couple of the most recent photos of my new kitten, Peekaboo. The first of a series, I am afraid! 😉 Ah yes, I didn’t do any research yesterday (or today, for that matter) because we picked her up yesterday morning. Who can think of doing anything serious with a new kitten in the house? Plus, we need to monitor her closely because she is suffering from horrid intestinal parasites and ear mites (typical of outdoor kitties). We are treating her for this crappy (literally) stuff, of course. The vet told us that we wouldn’t be able to introduce Peekaboo to our other cats for a month or so. She has to be “quarantined” until she is completely rid of the nasty creatures. So we have created a feline entertainment centre for her down in our TV room, which is a long room with plenty of space for her to play and run around, and comfy chairs where she can sleep (when human bodies are not provided as cushions). Peekaboo, July 21 2007Yesterday, after we brought her home from the vet, she went nuts over all her new cat toys, which range from simple Chianti wine corks (my Priscilla’s favourite!) to rubber balls that glow in the dark and scratching “trees.” Etc. Too much fun. She ran around like a mad thing, climbed all over the chairs and us, took several tumbles, etc. Then she conked out on my chest. Today she seems even more exhausted, in part because the medicine is beginning to work (probably), so right now she is lying on my husband (see photos). He is absolutely thrilled, because our other cats never really curled up on him. Peekaboo hasn’t budged from his chest since we had lunch, about three hours ago, and he hasn’t moved an inch, either! Oh dear, I had better move my computer downstairs, or I won’t get any research done for the next century or so! 😉


  1. Oh my god Margaret – you’ve totally lost it…well, guess I’ll have to get out the digital shots of Pronto

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