Computer Flu

My computer has the flu today. My display suddenly goes dark, then my computer reboots for no apparent reason. I have lost a few online searches (a slight annoyance…), so I have finally decided to give my computer some aspirin and tuck it into bed for the rest of the day, until the household technical genius (my husband) gets home from work.

However, I am on another hot trail, so stay tuned. 😉

P.S. Before I go, though, if any cat-lovers out there can give me an idea on how to give an antibiotic to a cat, please please please drop me a line. Puzzola, our eldest cat, has a urinary tract infection, but she is more cunning than a fox and can “smell” that pill miles away. We have tried everything, even grinding it up and hiding it inside her favorite food (a bit of chicken). Nothing works! So now it takes three of us to hold her, throw the pill down her throat, clamp her mouth shut, tickle her throat and wait for her to swallow the bloody pill. Such an indignity for our queen! Any ideas? Thank you! Okay, I’d better post this before my computer sneezes again!


  1. Alas, I have no better idea for “pilling a cat” ! Your technique is the best I know.. and I dread any time we might have to do it.

    Enjoyed your comment about our Callie and her princess bed. 🙂

    Good luck with computer problems.

  2. Ok, but your procedure lacks the most important part of all: a pray 😉

    Seriously, giving cats some medicine is really tricky :)) When they just refuse to take it, my wife use to sit on the floor with her back against a wall, legs apart, and the cat placed in between them. The cat is facing forward, its tail to her. This way she can hold the kitty with her legs, and be in a good position to give the pill. But take care, the cat’s head must be horizontal.

    Good luck 🙂

  3. Margaret,

    I came across your blog some time back while researching the bioavailability of curcumin and now I’m hooked! Thanks a lot for the thoughtful research about that and the other anti-proliferative agents.

    Very helpful.

    Good luck with your computer.


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