Peekaboo July 2007Yesterday afternoon I went to visit our new kitten, Peekaboo!, and took about a million photos of her and her two equally adorable siblings, since I won’t see them until next week when I will go to pick her up and bring her over to our house. Can’t wait, even though she is definitely going to be a handful. While I was visiting, she was like a little ping pong ball, boing boing boing all over my neighbours’ yard, hiding behind their bushes and jumping out suddenly to grab my toes. Clearly, Peekaboo is a fitting name for this tiny creature. Such a cutie!

I am doing research in bits and pieces, but please bear with me for a couple of days since my parents have just arrived from the States, and I haven’t seen them in months. Lots of catching up to do. However, I do have a couple of half-finished posts that I will finish and put up in the next couple of days.

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