Curcumin: the Indian Solid Gold

Solid gold, indeed!!! I just finished reading the most remarkable study by an MD Anderson research team on the wonders of curcumin, published in December 2006. It is titled Curcumin: the Indian Solid Gold, and is available online at: I was going to write a summary, highlighting what I thought were the most interesting and relevant points, but I was so overwhelmed by the study that I was unable to do so (but I may try again soon). For now, I will simply urge those interested to go read it for themselves. You won’t believe your eyes. Just think: the bibliographic references consist of 974 items listed on more than 60 pages. Impressive. It will take me days to go through them. That’s what summer holidays are for, I guess! 😉


  1. Been reading your blog. Very interesting data. Are you on any conventional medical treatments in addition to curcumin? Adding you to my links.


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